Cost estimates fro thermal peaking plant

Published 2008 / 06
Summary Parsons Brinckerhoff New Zealand Ltd (PB) has been engaged to provide an estimate of the capital and O&M (operating and maintenance) costs associated with providing gas or liquid fuel turbine powered peaking plant in New Zealand. This review includes: gathering and review of information available in the public domain on thermal peaking plant costs ; the gathering and review of information internally available to Parson Brinckerhoff New Zealand Limited (PB) on thermal peaking plant costs. ; the completion of capital expenditure (Capex) and operating and maintenance expenditure (O&M) cost estimates for thermal peaking plant with nominal capacities of 40MW, 50MW, 100MW and 160MW.
Keywords Costs, capital, O&M, gas, liquid, thermal
File name PB_200806_Cost estimates fro thermal peaking plant.pdf