Well-to-wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels and Powertrains in the European Context (version 3c) WTT APPENDIX 1 Description of individual processes and detailed input data

Published 2011 / 11
Summary All WTT data is stored in LBST's E3 database and that software was used to calculate the energy and GHG balances of the pathways. This appendix provides full detail of the input data. It consists in two elements: A series of tables giving input data to each process, A textual description and justification of each process.
Keywords GHG, greenhouse gas, chain emissions, emissions, crude, gasoline, diesel, naphta, transport fuels, fuel properties, bio-ethanol, biogas, biodiesel, hydrogen
File name EU JRC_201111_Well-to-wheel analysis of future automotive fuels and powertrains in the European context (version 3c) WTT Appendix 1.pdf