Well-to-wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels and Powertrains in the European Context (version 3c) WTT APPENDIX 2 Description and detailed energy and GHG balance of individual pathways

Published 2011 / 11
Summary This appendix gives the detailed results of the energy and GHG balance for all pathways. It details the processes included in each pathway and gives the resulting energy and GHG balance for the total pathway as well as the contribution of each of the main stages. In addition to WTT Appendix 1 which shows some of the calculations carried out by the E3 database, this version includes WTT Appendix 4 which details the process-by-process input data for each pathway.
Keywords GHG, greenhouse gas, chain emissions, emissions, crude, gasoline, diesel, naphta, transport fuels, fuel properties, bio-ethanol, biogas, biodiesel, hydrogen
File name EU JRC_201111_Well-to-wheel analysis of future automotive fuels and powertrains in the European context (version 3c) WTT Appendix 2.pdf