EU bioenergy potential from a resource-efficiency perspective

Published 2013 / 07
Summary The EEA European Topic Centre on Spatial Integration and Analysis (ETC/SIA) produced a report in 2013 re-evaluating Europe's bioenergy potential and providing further insights. This EEA report provides an analytical summary of the results of this ETC/SIA report, and includes additional qualitative analysis of the 'carbon debt' issue. It primarily addresses the agricultural sector as it is clearly the biomass source with greatest potential for growth and for adverse environmental impacts - often as a result of ILUC. However, the study also includes the estimated bioenergy potentials for the EU forest and waste sectors from
Keywords bioenergy, bioelectricity, bio-heating, transport fuel, ILUC
File name EEA_20130703_EU bioenergy potential from a resourceefficiency perspective.pdf