Agricultural crop-based biofuels – resource efficiency and environmental performance including direct land use changes

Published 2010 / 01
Summary This paper analyses biofuels from agricultural crops in northern Europe regarding area and energy efficiency, greenhouse gases and eutrophication. The overall findings are that direct land use changes have a significant impact on GHG balances and eutrophication for all biofuels, the choice of calculation methods when by-products are included affecting the performance of food crop-based biofuels considerably, and the technical design of production systems may in specific cases be of major impor- tance. The presented results are essential knowledge for the development of certification systems. Indirect land use changes are recognised but not included due to current scientific and methodological deficiencies.
Keywords biofuels, yield, biomass, greenhouse gas,
File name Borjesson_2010_Agricultural_crop-based_biofuels.pdf